Brightening & Repair

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All you need in a Mask.

Benefits of Our Turmeric Mask:

Brightens the skin, fades dark marks, hyperpigmentation, healing effects, leaves glass like finish to skin.

Why is this product special:

  • light weight mask
  • Jelly Mask
  • non-staining 
  • applies clear
  • provides everlasting glow 

Shelf life: 6months


Always start with a clean face

  • Apply mask to dry clean face
  • leave on skin for 30 minutes or more, can be used as a sleeping mask
  • Rinse well
  • use TWICE a day, preferably in the morning and before bed

KyemKollections  is 100% cruelty free

Fill Weight: 60g

Ingredients: turmeric ,alovera, Kaduna, olive oil, carrot oil, tomato powder, pomegranate powder, myrrh oil, frankincense oil, turmeric, rosemary extract, vitamin e oil, grapeseed oil. kojic


Customer Reviews

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Daniela Sellers

Brightening & Repair

Monique Delatorre

I’ve tried many “high end” skin care brands and they do not even compare to this product!! It feels so soothing when first applied, and it doesn’t over dry the face when the mask is dried down. I had little scars on my face from me picking at my zits (which I shouldn’t do) and I applied the mask on one time every week for two weeks and my scars were literally healed! Couldn’t even see them anymore! I would 10/10 recommend this product if you have struggle finding something to heal your scars on your face!

Tara Hernandez

I waited a few weeks before I could give this review because I wanted it to be completely honest about the quality & performance of the product. Please do yourself a favor & BUY THIS!!! You definitely get your money’s worth & maybe more. I used it twice two days in a row & already saw a difference in my acne scars & some pimples started to fade also. Although the mask dries down it DOES NOT leave your skin feeling any type of dryness. I suggest using it right before your makeup or skincare routine when you’re heading out the house !!! I got complimented so much about my skin being naturally glowing (I had no makeup on at all just Kyem gloss). Even though I have some acne scarring my friend couldn’t get over how good my skin looked & how naturally glowy it was. He was asking what I did different because I was not the same person I was too different lol. Please get this it’s amazing. I use it whenever I have time & it works beautifully. Sorry for the long review but this is amazing. I don’t know what type of witchcraft is in this container.