Yoni Bar (Feminine soap bar)




The Phresher the better !

Okay what is this!?

Yoni Bar is a mild feminine wash that effectively cleanses the vulva preventing any sweat, odor, or bacteria build up throughout the day. Our Yoni bar is safe and gentle to use outside your lady parts daily.

Break it down baby!

  • Gentle, Safe, and effective 
  • PH balanced formula
  • Prevents sweat build up
  • Comes in different shades 
  • long lasting 
  • increase confidence 
  • Has ACV, Probiotics, Borate



Water, Aloe Vera, Theobroma oil, olive oil, palm kernel, apple cider vinegar, rosemary oil, borate, probiotic, chamomile, dried lavender flower 

How to use

Use your hand or clean rag to apply the Yoni Bar onto, clean outside the vagina/vulva area with the gel, then rinse off completely. NEVER use soap inside vagina canal, only water.