About Us


It All started from lip gloss ! Since I was 7 years old my love for cosmetics never left. I was always the kind of girl who loved to put on gloss and smell good. During my Junior year of college I kept imaging what it would be like to sell my own lip gloss so I did some research and found exactly what i needed. The enjoyment I had creating  the products; sharing them with my family and friends was confirmation that I wanted to become a entrepreneur. Sadly my love for creating lip gloss died down.

Growing up in a African house hold having a skin care routine was a must! From African black soap, Sapo (Net sponge), shea butter etc. I used this everyday! So my skin stayed nice, but I noticed that my body began to change .. every now and then my Ph would become unbalanced and gynecologists would tell me I'm just fine but I knew my body. I started using some products and all of them either left me dry, irritated, or made things worst. So I started researching and testing which lead me to Yoni products that immediately helped me with my vaginal issues. From there I knew I had to stop selling lip gloss  because i found it cute but instead start selling products that women like me need! Always having amazing skin care routine as a child, wanting to smell good, and finally finding an amazing feminine wash I knew I found the perfect home for Kyem Kollections. 

Kyem Kollections LLC is a mixture of Ghanaian culture, feminine and skin care. We have manufacture and handmade products that is made to help our Skin.