Hyperpigmentation Pack

Hyperpigmentation Pack

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Hyperpigmentation Pack includes:

Fade it: Fade it is a creamy formula that helps reduce the appearance of dark marks caused from scarring or hyperpigmentation. This product is manufactured to correct any blemishes you may have not intended to lighten natural skin color.

Invisi skin: Invisi Skin  is a solution that helps reduce painful ingrown hair bumps and razor bumps. The solution also prevents any razor bumps and ingrown before they even appear! The AHA ingredients provided exfoliates the skin at a faster rate than a physical exfoliator such as a sugar scrub. 

Sensational Shea Scrub:  Turmeric body scrubs exfoliates and removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin. By using a body scrub it allows all the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. A regular exfoliating routine will overall leave your skin fresh and healthy. 

Brightening and Repair Mask:Brightens the skin, fades dark marks, hyperpigmentation, healing effects, leaves glass like finish to skin.

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Hyperpigmentation Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

I love these products they truly work , and they smell so good 😁 I'm a forever customer 💓

Amaya R.

The ONLY products that helped my skin. I’m sooooo grateful for you guys. I’m omw to order more!


Second time I’ve purchased this package. I love the addition of the ingrown serum but I wish it still included the jelly mask.

Jasmine T.

I should’ve taken a before picture but i definitely see a difference. Consistency is key!!!!!! Thank you


The soap 🔥 the fade cream smells sooo good 😩 I love the exfoliating serum and the scrub the combo you need .

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