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INVISI SKIN (Ingrown Hair/ Razor Bump solution)

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Okay what is this !?

Invisi Skin  is a solution that helps reduce painful ingrown hair bumps and razor bumps. The solution also prevents any razor bumps and ingrown before they even appear! The AHA ingredients provided exfoliates the skin at a faster rate than a physical exfoliator such as a sugar scrub. 

How to use:

  •  Roll onto cotton round/pad or directly onto the targeted area . Make sure the area is dry and clean
  • If using  the Invisi same day as waxing or shaving please wait 8 hours before you use the invisi skin 
  • use twice a day 


Isopropyl, acetoxybenzoic acid, vitamin e, glycolic acid 0.5%, salicylic acid 0.5%


Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Raquel Williams
Awesome product.

I love love love this product. It allows me to wear natural deodorant which in turn has allowed my underarms to lighten. However, I never received this order. Please help.

The Best ingrown treatment out

Love love loveeeee how good it works! I have sensitive skin so to not have a chemical burn nor ingrown irritation was a double win! Definitely on the must keep list. Stay consistent you’ll notice a change within the week!

Danielle Baker
Whew love it!

Not sure how this popped up on my TL but glad it did. Maybe a couple of days after I got a wax, I used this and ingrowns are practically nonexistent. I use once daily and my bikini area is so smooth. My hairs have grown back without painful bumps and irritation. I’m very pleased with this!

Natasha Davis
The best product

I looovvvvveeee it! Best chemical exfoliation for your bikini area

The best product out!

This is the best product I've EVER tried and I never leave reviews...
After shaving I had absolutely NO RAZOR BUMPS! It's great. I'm so thankful for this company.