Juicy Drops |Body & Hair fragrance oil



Juicy Drops 

Is a body and hair fragrance oil is nourishing is healthy for your skin and hair.

Use: on areas of the body and hair

Ingredients: Clear Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Cocos nucifera,Alpha-Tocopherol acetate, Fragrance

Heaven scent: Smells clean, sweet, floral, with a hint of sweet cream

- Notes of:Pear, Bergamot, vanilla orchid, luscious raspberry, and soft musk.

Candy Clouds: Smells like floral and tropical

-Notes of: Raspberry, Pear, Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose, base notes are Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Vetiver and Caramel.

Sweet treat: Smells like a strawberry vanilla cake

-Notes of Strawberry, Whipped Cream, French Vanilla