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Yoni PHresh (Boric Acid Spray/ Feminine Spray)

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  The Phresher the better!

Okay what is this!?
Yoni PHresh is a mild approach that aids in controlling yeast infections, odor, and bacteria. This Ph balancing spray is perfect if you're someone who plays sports , if you just got off your cycle, or engage in physical activity that cause swating and bacteria build up ! gentle enough to use daily but best to use when needed.
Break it down baby !
  • May have immediate results after use
  • Balances Ph
  • increase confidence
  • Removes foul odor and taste in vagina
  • Easy to use
  • lasts all day
Shelf life: 4 months


How to use
 Directions: Use after vaginal area has been cleaned ( after a shower is best) spray this inside your vagina opening , around it , and inside the lips for all day freshness and no odor 



Borate, Hydrogren, Hydrogen Borate

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Marriana VanNess
A must have!!!

This stuff works GREAT. No odors after a hard days sweat. I wish they had a bigger bottle. Best purchase ever. I use it after showering with the yoni gel.

Ms Jones
Loving The Boric Acid Spray

Gotta Buy 2 More Bottles I'm Running OUT

Brittney Cook
The only product I’ll ever use on my Nay nay

Finally someone has figured it out. I literally use this everyday and there is truly no smell after I workout or even after nasty time 😏 I love this stuff I am forever a loyal customer.

Saye Leneus
Yoni PHresh and Yoni feminine gel

I purchased the Yoni PHresh and Yoni feminine gel. Both products are excellent and keep you fresh throughout the day. A little goes a long way.

Love it

I love it and how it makes me feel fresh