Yoni PHresh (Boric Acid Spray/ Feminine Spray)


Yoni PHresh is a mild approach that aids in controlling yeast infections, odor, and bacteria. This Ph balancing spray is perfect if you're someone who plays sports , if you just got off your cycle, or engage in physical activity that cause sweating and bacteria build up! Gentle enough to use daily but best to use when needed.


Borate, Hydrogren, Hydrogen Borate

 Important Facts

May have immediate results after use
Balances Ph
increase confidence
Removes foul odor and taste in vagina
Easy to use
lasts all day

Shelf life: 6 months

How to use

Use after vaginal area has been cleaned ( after a shower is best) spray this inside your vagina opening , around it , and inside the lips for all day freshness and no odor